Mikko's DHI Microsurgery Before & After Recovery Videos

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On this page we are sharing with you one of the most comprehensive video diaries at DHI Australia. As usual results may vary from patient to patient. See below videos of Mikko's DHI hairline redesign procedure showing:

  • Before Mikko's microsurgery
  • Day of his microsurgery
  • 2 hours after microsurgery
  • Day 1 of recovery
  • 3 weeks into recovery
  • 5 month update
  • 1 year update and reflection on the entire journey



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Day of Mikko's Microsurgery

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Why Choose DHI Australia Microsurgery?

All DHI sessions are performed from start to finish by medical doctors, trained and certified by London Hair Restoration Academy. The Direct Hair ImplantationTM technique allows full control over the depth, direction and angle of each implanted hair. You can expect natural and undetectable results.

  • Doctor only - Highly trained and certified doctor extracts and implants all hairs.

  • Hypothermosol and minimal handling of grafts for consistently high survival rates (up to 97% according to university studies on DHI method).

  • 100% control over angle, direction & depth of placement of grafts – Natural Results Guaranteed.

natural results guarantee, learn more

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2 hours after Mikko's microsurgery procedure

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Day after Mikko's DHI microsurgery

Ever wondered what it would be like the day after your hair transplant? Watch Mikko's video three days post DHI session to find out how he is feeling.

3 Weeks After Mikko's DHI microsurgery

Find out what shedding is and why it is a normal process after a hair transplant. 


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Mikko's 5 Month Update

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Mikko's 1 Year Update